Changes we implement with our Clients start from engaging people. We take care and ensure that everyone in the organisation knows the sense and direction of change, understands why the change is important and fees they are participating in the change to achieve a common goal.

The changes start from planning and defining what exactly is it that we’re trying to achieve. Thereafter they include:

  • review of the organizational structure and processes related to motivation;
  • where necessary, ensuring an appropriate legal structure* (form of incorporation, legal changes, etc.)
  • creating teams and their KPIs, clear and transparent criteria for rewarding for participation and good results;
  • introducing order and improving work organisation;
  • loss and waste analysis and starting improvement projects;
  • teaching people problem solving and empowering them to actually do it;
  • as well as improving safety levels and creating habits ensuring safe behaviours.

The next stage of change includes improving:

  • production processes (i.a. material flow, lowering unnecessary stock, improving planning and scheduling), based on concepts coming from Lean Manufacturing, WCM, 6 Sigma, Theory of Constraints;
  • maintenance (defining strategy, processes and minimising costs while ensuring maximum equipment availability, implementing maintenance support systems) based on RCM and TPM approaches;
  • functioning of supply chain (including defining uniform operational strategy, improving planning and logistics processes, optimising stock levels and improving communication) based on ERP model as well as S&OP and CPFR processes.

More information about the methodology, based on which we operate, can be found in the description below.

* in legal matters we are in close cooperation with legal counsels, having broad experience in such processes:


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