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focus factory

Accurate and efficient planning

Effective and profitable production

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Identifying improvement potential and develop
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Reducing operating costs
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Permanently changing
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Industry 4.0

Optimization – a journey to Industry 4.0

Due to a dynamically changing market environment, it is necessary to look at industry optimization from a new perspective. It is now indispensable to link optimization with Industry 4.0 which has become an increasingly important growth catalyst. Nowadays companies not only must be efficient in their operations but they should also be prepared for the unexpected. Those organizations that deliberately and consistently introduce changes and which incorporate growth and continuous improvements in their everyday operations can benefit from the greatest market opportunities.

Our clients can benefit from our team’s expertise and skills 20 years of experience in over 20 sectors in 20+ countries worldwide

We help you operate more efficiently, produce more and at reduced costs

Our mission is to assist companies that are not fully satisfied with their performance, the organizations that truly wish to continuously grow and expand. We support organisations which regard process optimization as vital and perceive it as an opportunity to strengthen their competitiveness. We support those organisations that have a desire for a permanent change of their corporate culture to the one that is more proactive, open and ready for inevitable changes that could be, to a greater degree, transformed into an improvement opportunity.

About us

We are a team of people working together for nearly 20 years. We have our areas of specialization but share the same, comprehensive approach to industry optimization. We have been working and supporting clients worldwide in various business environments, including in countries that are sometimes completely culturally different. Our passion is to assist organizations with unlocking their full potential.

Our Clients

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Michał Matejczyk

Our proposal

Focus Factory, Fit Factory and Flow Factory are complementary processes. If implemented simultaneously, they ensure comprehensive optimization of the Operations. However, they can be implemented independently if a holistic approach is not possible or required.


Effective Operations Planning

Optimal Inventory Management


Production Profitability

Sustainable Organization of Efficient Production

Production Optimization (Lean, WCM)

Effective Maintenance

Optimal Quality

Automation and Digitalization


Effective Logistics

Efficient Warehouses

Optimal Intralogistics

Effective Outbound Transportation

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Operations Supporting Processes

Supporting processes ensure proper, safe and smooth functioning of the Operations area. Sometimes their importance and optimization potential are underestimated but problems with their functioning quickly affect the organization’s performance. At some plants utility costs can total up to 50%-70% of the company’s total expenses which is an argument for greater focus on supporting processes.

Effective Organization Management

Proper Organization Management ensures optimal allocation of resources and operations fulfilment. As such, they are methods that enable processes to work efficiently in all areas. Their implementation improves the strength of the organization as a whole and is key to changing the organization’s culture. Ultimate benefits include meeting targets, work standardization and stable performance.

IT System Implementation

While growing many companies reach a stage when their IT system may no longer be sufficient vis-a-vis their needs. The scale of “ad-hoc adjustments” is too large in order to effectively support organizations’ processes. Then it’s high time for a decision to implement new systems which would adequately meet the requirements and scale of the operations.

Designing New Plants

If the existing production capabilities, even with optimal work organization, are unable to satisfy market needs, building a new plant or significantly expanding the existing one is the only solution. As a consortium member Entra Group supports the completion of that kind of an investment project in a much faster and safer way.